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What is Age-Friendly?

Age-friendly is an international effort led by the World Health Organization and facilitated in the U.S. by AARP. This Age-Friendly Initiative encourages cities, counties, and states to prepare for the rapid aging of our population by working together to strengthen and advance our communities.

SourcePoint leads the charge in Delaware County, working with community partners to innovate and improve six domains of livability— key areas that influence healthy aging. Together, we will develop an action plan that helps ensure an active, safe, and healthy lifestyle for Delaware County residents of all ages.


Delaware County is an active, safe, healthy, and connected community for all ages and abilities.


Age-Friendly Delaware County will collaborate to innovate and improve key elements of livability that support healthy aging in our community.

2018 Assessment Methodology Report

In collaboration with SourcePoint and other community partners, the Delaware General Health District conducted an extensive assessment of Delaware County’s strengths and weaknesses in 2018. The assessment covered eight domains of a livable community as identified by the World Health Organization, including outdoor spaces, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication, and health services. The findings report includes results from a direct-mail survey, for which the health district received a 51-percent response rate. Download the brochure.

View the Report

Interested in getting involved?

Join us! There are six committees that will focus on the domains, or major areas, of an age-friendly community. (See below.) There also is a “55-and-better” committee that will help guide the overall project, as well as SourcePoint staff, in the creation and application of an action plan. The voices of older adults are of high importance in these discussions and this initiative should have them at the table every step of the way.

Yes, I want to get involved!

Delaware County’s Six Domains of Livability

Communication and Information

  • Recognize that older adults communicate and receive information in various ways, which may differ from other age groups, and ensure they are connected within the community.
  • Utilize a variety of sources, such as mail, email, newspaper, radio, public meetings, community centers, and more.

Community Engagement and Participation

  • Provide flexible employment and volunteer opportunities for older adults.
  •  Offer events and activities that are accessible, affordable, and person-centered.
  • Foster intergenerational activities and relationships for people of all ages.

Community Support/Health and Safety Services

  • Ensure access to affordable health, safety, and support services.
  • Offer a wide range of health and social services that are well distributed and conveniently located.
  • Include the needs and capacities of older adults in emergency planning.


  • Work toward more affordable, accessible, and safe housing options for older adults, with the ability to age in place if they desire.
  •  Adapt housing with even surfaces, passages wide enough for wheelchairs and assistive devices, and appropriately designed bathrooms and kitchens.
  •  Ensure availability of qualified, reliable, and affordable service providers.

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

  • Provide safe, accessible outdoor spaces for people of all ages to gather.
  • Improve how outside environments and public buildings impact mobility.


  • Increase access to affordable and safe transportation options.
  • Improve community access to adequate, well-connected routes, including bike trails and paved paths.
  • Seek ways to enhance public transportation that is reliable and frequent.

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