Comparing Myself to Aging

by Meg Williams

The process is repetitive, the result never the same.
I blink my eyes and the world is different; it’s become a whole new game.
I thought, then guessed, that the answer might be inside.
I need to see but my eyes were shut… rather than opened wide.

I get up, I go to bed, and do a hundred things in between.
Yet when I look back each minute could be an entirely separate scene.
I may ache, and stumble, and go really slow.
Reaching for a goal I may not even know.

But I know I’m sound and solid and thankful and true.
And will weather each change like I’ve pulled off a coup.
I hold in my hand the most interesting tool.
That always reminds me that changing is cool.

When I just need a lift, or often for fun.
I play with this tool knowing the show has begun.
The stream of shapes and colors always tickles my senses.
Aging has become a work of art without any fences.

Now is the time to pause and reflect;
My ‘list’ gets longer each time I check!
Oh – to be beautiful and versatile and wondrous for all.
Content with a smile as I watch my youth fall.
Yes, aging is like a Kaleidoscope – you never know what you’re going to get!

Meg Williams is a member of SourcePoint’s creative writing group. Creative writing typically meets the last Monday of each month at 2 p.m.