HEARTS-200In Delaware County, SourcePoint provides a number of heart-healthy programs, including fitness and wellness classes at the enrichment center and heart-healthy menu options for Meals on Wheels clients.

“Two of the most important things are diet and exercise, and you can address both of those things here through our meal programs and our enrichment center,” said Fara Waugh, director of client services at SourcePoint.

“The easiest thing to do is to call our main number at (740) 363-6677 to get more information about any of the on-site programs or home-delivered meals.”

SourcePoint’s enrichment center offers a wealth of fitness classes that cover all intensity levels. Steve Gorman, director of the enrichment center, said it’s important to get clearance from a physician before starting any class.

“At that point, we’d recommend a class like pool walking and yoga, or something that’s a little less intense,” Gorman said. “Then, when you are able to increase your intensity level, we progress you through different classes, or you could meet with a personal trainer and get a circuit training workout designed specifically for you.”

sets drums
A new program at SourcePoint incorporates both exercise and music. Gorman said the Core Class with Exercise Balls is “at the high end of intensity,” with loud music and “banging on exercise balls with drumsticks,” followed by a cool down session. Gorman said it’s best to follow your doctor’s recommendations and your own body’s response when determining what class is best suited for your level of fitness.

“The best monitoring is self monitoring. If you need to slow down, our instructors will tone it down for you,” Gorman said. “We have charts to show your level of intensity and indicate when you are exercising too hard.”

For those desiring a lower level of intensity with positive results, Gorman said he encourages them to think about a yoga or tai chi class.

“Those both offer a moderate level of activity, but they also incorporate heart rate, strength, balance, etc.,” he said. “And the group setting helps to keep people motivated because they build relationships with other participants.”

SourcePoint is starting a Mind and Body program in January that Gorman said would be good for those who have had heart issues or “who just haven’t exercised in a while.” Sounds perfect for those who have “better heart health” as one of their New Year’s resolutions. And who wouldn’t want better heart health?

To learn more about the ways that SourcePoint can help you care for your heart, call (740) 363-6677.

This article was also published in the January/February 2016 issue of My Communicator newspaper.