How to Send a Large File

Have you ever tried to email a large file to someone, only to find your mail service said the attachment was too big to send?

If so, consider using Firefox Send. It allows you to upload the file with end-to-end encryption. (That means it’s secure and can’t be viewed by others.) It creates a link you can send to the person and they can get the file from there. That link automatically expires, so tell them to get it quickly! It also allows you to keep that shared file private. (Fair warning: Whoever has the link can get the file, so be careful and make sure you email it to the right person.)

Here is the link to try it out:

There are other ways to send large files, but this is very easy and secure.

Jarren Ringle is a member of SourcePoint and a volunteer instructor. He teaches various technology classes throughout the year. Jarren also volunteers at the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. With many years of project management experience in various technology fields, he enjoys helping others with technology.