Jeff Robinson, Editor
My Communicator

If you aren’t already helping fight hunger in Delaware County, SourcePoint offers great ways to get started in March and April.

March for Meals is an annual event designed to raise awareness of the Meals on Wheels program throughout the month of March. Toni Dodge, nutrition program manager at SourcePoint, said March for Meals provides added advocacy and awareness to Meals on Wheels and the value the program brings to each client.

March for Meals is the time when anyone in the community can reach out to SourcePoint and arrange to accompany a Meals on Wheels driver on a home-delivered route, work in the kitchen, or serve at a social dining site. Dodge said

participating in any (or all) of the March for Meals activities helps new volunteers see the importance of the program and the impact it has on each person it serves. March 21-25 is designated as “Champions Week,”

said Dodge, when city and county officials and others in the community step up to raise awareness of Meals on Wheels by assisting with meal preparation and delivery.

On April 12 and 13, SourcePoint volunteers will deliver boxed lunches around the community as part of its Meals on Wheels fundraiser.

“This is our second year to have this in the community,” said Mike Miller, development officer at SourcePoint.

“We’ll have boxed lunches for sale that are created by the Delaware County Community Market. You can purchase lunches and have them delivered to a business or work site, which our volunteers will do on April 12 and 13.”

Miller said the cost of each lunch is $10, roughly half of which will benefit the Meals on Wheels program at SourcePoint. Lunches include a sandwich, side salad, and cookie.

The boxed lunch fundraiser debuted in 2015, and Miller said there was outstanding support for a first-year event, with approximately 750 lunches sold. The bar is set even higher for this year.

“Our goal is to hit the 1,000 lunch mark this year,” Miller said. “We know we have a lot of people who support this effort, and (Delaware) Mayor Carolyn Riggle is our event chair.”

Money raised will support various elements of SourcePoint’s Meals on Wheels program, which Miller said could include the cost of the meals themselves or costs involved with preparing and delivering the food each day.

If you’re interested in ordering boxed lunches, an order form will be available by mid-March on the SourcePoint website or you can call (740) 363-6677 to place your order. Deliveries will be made between 10:30 a.m. and noon on both days, and Miller said he would like to have a minimum of three orders from each delivery location.

This article was also published in the March/April 2016 issue of My Communicator newspaper.