“ SourcePoint Stories

At SourcePoint, we take our mission to help the community thrive after 55 seriously. We work hard to provide needed services, community programs, and information that helps Delaware County residents live well as they age. But at the heart of every program is a person.

“I have been a volunteer with SourcePoint for 11 years. I have served in a variety of positions and find Meals on Wheels to be one of the most personally rewarding experiences I‘ve ever had. I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand the services SourcePoint provides that allow many seniors to remain living safely in their homes. Delivering a hot meal to a client means so much to those we serve. I have found I get as much out of the interaction with them as they do seeing us come by. It’s a great experience for one and all.”

Carol Rohde, SourcePoint Volunteer

“When my family discovered SourcePoint, we were not looking for senior services, per se; we were looking for a bridge game for my mother. We found her game, and more. At SourcePoint’s enrichment center, we found new friends, unique activities, fulfilling volunteer opportunities, and a true feeling of camaraderie. The in-home services also sustained my mother as her needs increased with age, allowing her to remain safely at home almost until the end of her life at 94.”

Mary Lee Stocks, SourcePoint Member & Volunteer

“We moved back to Ohio from our retirement home in Virginia Beach, because my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Like many caught in the throes of a devastating diagnosis, I wanted to be closer to family, closer to people who knew us as we once were, and loved us no matter what we had become.

When our attorney in Franklin County asked, “Have you folks heard about SourcePoint?” we replied we had not. He urged us to visit. We did; we joined. We were surrounded by caring staff and enthusiastic members. And now, we are surrounded by resources that help me keep my husband at home.

We have family in Ohio; and we have SourcePoint in Delaware County.”

Leslie Menges, Caregiver & SourcePoint Volunteer
SourcePoint Stories - Amy Johnson

“Others in this ‘young Boomer’ age range should join SourcePoint! You can join for yourself, and meet people with the same interests and challenges, and you can join to help others older than yourself. Now that I think about it, the ones that I think are older than me at SourcePoint are inspiring me!

I see SourcePoint as an avenue to age more gracefully. Studies prove that interaction with people, stimulating the brain with games, and exercising will improve your overall quality of life. I am all for that. My parents lived to 90 and 95. Chances are I am going to be around for quite a while, so why not enjoy it?”

Amy Johnson, SourcePoint Member
55 or better
“I can really tell when I have not been here for art. The experience, the people, fellow classmates, and teachers. My spirit is lifted by all these things and I feel alive.”
Carol Condon, SourcePoint Member

What’s your SourcePoint story?