Telehealth or telemedicine refers to the practice of treating patients via technology. The patient no longer has to see the doctor personally. Appointments can be completed by phone, app, or computer. Medicare recently expanded coverage of telehealth services to enable beneficiaries to access a wider range of services from their providers. However, as telehealth expands, so does the exposure to fraud.

Ways to protect yourself from telehealth fraud:

  •  Be sure to call YOUR provider to schedule your telehealth appointment.
  •  If you receive a phone call from someone offering you free testing, treatment, or supplies, hang up, it is a scam!
  •  Guard your Medicare card: Do not give out your Medicare number to anyone other than your doctor or health care provider.
  •  Review your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) and Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for improper billing and items that appear that you didn’t order or receive.
  •  Write down all of your appointments in your personal healthcare journal and compare to your MSN and/or EOB.
  •  Call your Ohio Senior Medicare Patrol with any questions about Telehealth Fraud at 1-800-488-6070 or 513-458-5515.