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Why volunteer with us?

Our organization was founded by community volunteers and continues to be governed by an all-volunteer board of directors today. Not only would SourcePoint not exist without our founding volunteers, but the breadth, depth and quality of our services would be severely impacted were it not for the ongoing involvement of community volunteers within SourcePoint.

Because volunteers are a vital component of our continued success, SourcePoint is committed to providing a positive and supportive volunteer work environment which offers opportunities for personal growth, learning, meaningful service, collaboration and recognition. We welcome one and all to inquire about getting involved. Whether for just one day, a year, or for an ongoing monthly, weekly or daily experience, we have the volunteer opportunity for you.  

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By volunteering at SourcePoint, you’ll not only make new friends and share a feeling of camaraderie with staff and fellow volunteers, but you’ll make a difference in the lives of older adults in your community.
Each year, our dedicated volunteers donate over 50,000 hours of their time at a value approaching $1 million. Without your priceless contributions, our organization would not be successful.
Our volunteers enjoy their service and find that it provides many benefits, including the opportunity to give back to their own community. SourcePoint builds upon your skills to deliver quality services to the older population of Delaware County.

There are five easy ways to sign up:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Call SourcePoint at (740) 363-6677
  3. Mail your completed application to SourcePoint, Attn: Volunteer Program, 800 Cheshire Road, Delaware,OH 43015
  4. Fax your application to (740) 363-7588
  5. Email Jill.Smith@MySourcePoint.org
I volunteer because of the
great satisfaction I get in helping
Volunteering at SourcePoint makes my life better.
The friendships i’ve made are as true as any you develop in your life.

Without our volunteers, we could not do everything we do to help older adults remain in their homes.

Jill Smith, Recruiter for Volunteer Services

Other Opportunities

There are four easy ways to sign up:

    • Call SourcePoint at (740) 363-6677
      • Mail your completed application to SourcePoint, Attn: Volunteer Program, 800 Cheshire Road, Delaware,OH 43015
        • Fax your application to (740) 363-7588
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