Sandy Moreland
Writing for the Senses: Hearing

Come along with me as I step out my back door; do you hear what I hear?
If you stand still and close your eyes, can you hear the sound of the wind gently blowing through the newly leafed trees on a warm spring morning, lightly ruffling the leaves? Invigorating. Renewing. Energy for the day.

Do you hear the song of the robin in late spring, flitting from branch to branch, wishing a good morning to all who listen? Do you hear the quiet rush of bird wings on air as he dives to the bird bath; can you hear the tousle of feathers as he cleans himself, or his sigh of satisfaction as he sips from the sun-warmed water?

Can you hear the quiet of a mid-summer twilight as distant neighbors head inside, doors closing and dogs giving their final evening howl? You can hear the relaxing of the earth, relieved by the setting sun? Do you hear the silent farewell of the sun as it drops away for the night, or hear the twinkling of the stars preparing for their evening performance? Do you hear the quiet sigh of the day as it gives way to nightfall?

Do you hear the unintentional ‘Ahhhh’ escaping from lips as work-weary bodies sink into comfy chairs, satisfied to give up the distractions of the day, and enjoy the sound of peace and quiet in their home?

The golden sound of silence can be a welcoming respite following a tumultuous day. However, the sound of quiet can be deafening to a lonesome soul.

Hearing can brutal when receiving the piercing words of an argument, or a devastating diagnosis from a doctor. Those sounds can echo in our heads, in our hearts, and attitudes as we move through our days.

Have you ever heard the last sigh of a loved one as they leave this world? If you listen, you can hear the spirit depart with quiet reverence – and if you listen closely, you can hear the soft whoosh of a breeze as angels lift the spirit away.

The unmistakable noise of running children rushing home from school, anxious to be rid of backpacks and shoes, can be so sweet to hear, especially when a “Hi Mom, how was your day?” accompanies the sound of scooting chairs and opening cookie jars.

It seems to me that the sense of hearing is an extraordinary blessing, especially when we listen with our ears, and our hearts. My heart swells when I hear the delighted giggles of a tickled toddler, the sound of a hug and lip smack from an excited teenage granddaughter, or the heart-felt ‘I love you’ whispered from a beloved sister ending a visit.

Hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing – all of our senses have unique and wonderful purposes. Whether we use them to the fullest is up to us, but to hear the fullness of our world, we must take time to really listen.

My suggestion to put a bounce in your step or a whistle on your lips is to take the time to hear that robin’s song. Maybe it’ll help you hear the goodness of the day!

This piece was in response to a creative writing assignment on senses. Sandy Moreland is a member of SourcePoint’s creative writing group. Creative writing typically meets the last Monday of each month at 2 p.m.